Your headshot should reflect your best self. Crisp, airy headshots will make you stand out from the crowd, whether it's for your LinkedIn profile, your real estate business, your acting headshot, or for your personal use. ​ Prefer a colorful, or darker background? Or going for something moody? No problem! We'll work together to get you the exact look and feel you're going for!
Tell your story with a captivating portrait. Portraits give us a chance to get creative. It's a great opportunity to play with poses, lighting, and props. ​  A portrait can showcase something important in your life - your job, your tattoo, your art, your passion; your serious or your playful side.
Capture memories.  Special events are just that - special. I take care to capture those little things you may not be thinking of. Details of the venue. The menu. The hors d'oeuvres. That hello, and long embrace between two of your guests. ​  I shoot both candid and posed shots throughout the event. And, get this... your guests will be able to preview and share the photos from the event in real time via their phones! It's a game changer.
Lifestyle shoots are on-location. Spending a family day at the beach? ​Looking to showcase a performance? Want to amp up your modeling portfolio? Book a Lifestyle shoot today!
Real Estate
First impressions are everything. Make sure you're showcasing your home in the best way possible. Proper lighting, wide-angle lenses and HDR technology ensures that your home will get more views and generate more interest. Most importantly, turnaround time is 24 hours or less, so you can sell that much faster!
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